The Vision

Founder of the Treehouse, Christine Sutherland, is a healer, teacher and magic maker. She has dedicated the last 6 years of her life to self work, knowledge, acceptance and love and is ready to share her vision with the world. 

Treehouse Holistic is a place to connect, heal and grow. Through natural & spiritual techniques, Treehouse offers various platforms in which one can heal themselves. Energy healing, inner work and plant medicine are a few of the many services offered. The Treehouse is a safe, inclusive space, providing endless tools to aid you on your journey to self discovery. 

Taking care of our ourselves as a whole | mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually | is our #1 priority and were here to show you how!

For all inquires, to book a session or perhaps just open a dialogue, please contact us at | (519) 803 8138

(The Treehouse is located at 246 Woolwich st | Guelph | ON)