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Intuitive Reiki

Energy Transfer - $80.00 (1 hour) / $50.00 (30 min)

Reiki is a healing technique that balances the body's energy systems ( or Chakras). By clearing negative energy & blockages, Reiki allows room for healing & growth within the body.

Reiki can aid (but is not limited to);

Anxiety & Depression

Stress & Tension

Insomnia & Sleep Disorders

Minor Aches & Pains


Chakra Cleansing

Guided Meditation + Energy Transfer - $80.00 (1 hour) / $50.00 (30 min)

Slow your mind & calm your body with this guided meditation. Close your eyes and let the words carry you to another realm; one where you come face to face with each of your seven Chakras. Invite, connect and cleanse each space, feeling yourself release tension, worry & fear each step of the way.